Letter from the Chairman

From the Chairman


Firstly, thank you for your interest in reading our March newsletter. Our communications have been beefed up and during the year we will keep you updated with latest happenings of the IMSHOF via our newsletters or you can keep in front of the game by going direct to our website. You will also find us on facebook and twitter.


Innovate, connect, and prosper


 The challenge for marathon swimming in 2016 is to have open water swimming connect with our pool cousins around the globe who administer and operate the 209 national swimming federations that are affiliated with FINA.


Talking it up but never engaging! If you want to change the world you have to have lived in it first


Open water swimming is attracting only around 20% of those who swim in the pool events run by the Federations to the open water competitions at World Titles and Olympic Games. This is unfortunate. It should be so much greater

Instead, there are many organizations all around the world starting to pop up and cater for open water swimming; most are not affiliated in any way to a national swimming federation.

We are talking of the hundreds of organizations setting up and hundreds of thousands of swimmers from the four corners of the globe swimming under their banners. The big question is why the lack of interest in open water swimming by the national federations


This ennui is epidemic throughout the pool-centric governing bodies.


Whilst OW numbers are growing around the world at a shade over 100% in five years, FINA’s affiliated bodies still do not have a plan to capture some of these OW events along with their multitudinal ocean and marathon competitors


If we don’t respect the past we will find it difficult to build a future.


With the final 10k marathon Olympic trial for Rio coming up in June hopefully more countries will have swimmers line up at the start?

IMSHOF Awards Ceremony Friday November 4, 2016

It is confirmed that the annual IMSHOF award ceremony will be held at San Pedro, Los Angeles, US. The weekend of November, 4,5 & 6 will bring together honorees, members, family and friends of IMSHOF, ISHOF, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation and the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Federation.


 View the venue here.

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