Letter from the Chairman

May, 2016 From Chairman Chris Guesdon

What a growing and magnificent sport is the marathon of swimming. Capturing world headlines and involving more and more the life of everyday swimmers no matter where on earth.

The IMSHOF salutes our marathon swimmers around the world who continue to achieve some incredible results. From the deep south of the southern hemisphere to the far northern hemisphere, equally in tropical warm waters or in cold and temperate climates, in lakes, rivers, straits, channels and oceans and on all continents, in elite internationals like World Championships and Olympics or in local races, solo swims and relay events.

The incredible history of our sport continues to inspire many modern day marathoners. The IMSHOF continues to further explore the pioneers of marathon swimming and aims to bring to the fore the amazing feats of swimmers past to honour and acknowledge them.

We welcome your nominations for those people who are accomplishing or have accomplished extraordinary swims either competitors or contributors, providing that those events fit the IMSHOF criteria as set out on our website.

So now FINA marathon competitors are allowed to wear wetsuits. It’s interesting to note that for some reason under the FINA rules open water swimmers were still allowed to wear full body suits in competition even after the pool people could not.

So why did this happen particularly following the ill-fated entry into the swimming world of the fast swimsuits and their subsequent withdrawal from pool events.

Even though in training very few if any choose to wear these and the rules do not allow for these suits in the world renowned open water events around the globe.

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If they don’t help why do they wear them?

Whilst all major marathon swims, both competition and solo adventure swims held around the world require competitors to wear swim briefs for men and regular swimsuits for women, no swimming aids are allowed.  FINA has persisted in allowing open water competitors to wear these outfits in these events that clearly help them swim faster. It doesn’t matter whether they are knee length racers, leg skin trousers or full body suits which most love to wear. It is noted that they are by design made to help you swim faster

If you don’t respect the past you will find it difficult to build a future

According to some of the advertising that the brands put out for their products (those suits made with textile material) and their design may give you a speed advantage of up to 2%. They also claim to help keep body heat in and blood circulation. In the latest ruling FINA decided to shed the body suits for some of their events and don wetsuits for the balance of them when they wish to keep the wearers warm. According to the product promotion they also may give you a speed advantage up to 5%.

Swimming costumes were designed for swimming modesty so people didn’t have to jump in with their clothes on or nude.

The IMSHOF policy regarding the type of swimming costumes used for all open water swimming events to be considered for nomination is posted to our website under the tab criteria. These criteria must be adhered to in order to be recognized by The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Cheers, Chris

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Honoree Swimmer

Attila Manyoki is an award winning, prolific World Cup swimmer active in major marathons since 1991 and continues with the Seven Oceans as his next goal.

While most of his competitions were in the warmer waters, he also proved himself in the colder waters of the USA, Canada and UK.

View video here.


Honoree Swimmer

Chloë McCardel (born 10 May 1985) is an accomplished open water swimmer from Australia who has completed a total of 13English Channel crossings, including 2 two-way crossings and one three-way crossing.
In 2010, she won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 7:53, winning in a dramatic 5-second victory over second-place Jaime Caballero of Spain.
She was nominated for the 2014 and 2015 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year and was featured in the 2016 Marathon Swimmers Federation Calendar.
She won the Marathon Swimmers Federation Solo Swim of the Year award for the most outstanding solo marathon swim of 2015.
Read Chloe’s extensive biography here.


Honoree Swimmer

Tomi’s marathon career spans four decades and he has achieved 30 podium marathon finishes (16 wins).

Incredibly his best years came after turning 40 – 2 wins; 2 second places; 3 third places in the FINA Grand Prix series. At 43, Tomi set the record as the oldest ever winner of a Grand Prix marathon and he was ranked 2nd in the series.

Read more here


Honoree Contributor

Charlie Gravett is an escort pilot and Vice President of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club located on the isle of Jersey.

He is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association SER, British Long Distance Swimming Association and the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation.

He is the swim coordinator for Round Jersey and Jersey-to-France crossings.

Learn more here


Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

David Yudovin is recognized as one of the most prolific open water marathon swimmers in history. He is known for pioneering channel swimming firsts that span the globe.

An American marathon swimmer, Yudovin is1999 Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame; 2014 Honor Open Water Swimmer in the International Swimming Hall of Fame; a lifetime member of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation; a lifetime member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, and a member of the Half Century Club.
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Poseidon Award

In a single calendar year, Chloe posted an unprecedented set of marathon swimming accomplishments:

2015: Triple crossing of the English Channel – 36 hours 12 minutes

This has not been accomplished in the previous 25 years. Chloë became the fourth swimmer to accomplish this feat joining IMSHOF honour swimmers: Alison Streeter, Philip Rush and Jon Erikson.

2015: Established record for fastest female. Three solo crossings (making a total 6 crossings for the season) of the English Channel in one week (no other swimmer has accomplished the same) – all under 10 hours. She has been active in marathon swimming since 2009 with other noted accomplishments

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