Historical Overview of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame


The World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation was founded in 1963 in conjunction with Buck Dawson, CMDR, Joe Grossman, Conrad Wennerberg and Dennis Matuch. The Association’s mission was to provide recognition to marathon swimmers around the world.


IMSHOF founded and induction classes named going back to 1963.

2011 – 2014

Between 2011-2014, the IMSHOF was an independent non-profit organization, maintaining a close working relationship with the ISHOF.


In 2015, the IMSHOF has once again joined the ISHOF as a formal division of its organization.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the IMSHOF is to promote the benefits and importance of traditional and competitive marathon swimming as a key to fitness, good health, quality of life, and water safety. We do this by maintaining a dynamic shrine dedicated to the history and recognition of marathon (open water) swimmers, including persons involved in life-saving activities of administration, general support, education and environmental awareness throughout the world, whose lives and accomplishments serve to inspire, educate, and to be role models for all.


  • To nominate, and select on an annual basis, outstanding individuals or groups who qualify under the criteria for selection to the IMSHOF; traditional and competitive marathon swimmers, officials, administrators, support and safety groups and contributors, who help make the sport possible throughout the world.
  • To establish and maintain a biography of the inductees selected as honorees into the IMSHOF.
  • To accept nominations and award, on an annual basis, on behalf of the ISHOF, The Irving Davids/Captain Roger Wheeler Memorial Award.
  • To accept nominations and award, on an annual basis, on behalf of the ISHOF, The Poseidon Award.
  • To accept records and memorabilia of nominees, and provide these to the ISHOF Henning Library, archives and the ISHOF Museum on behalf of the IMSHOF.
  • To conduct, on an annual basis, an IMSHOF Awards and Induction ceremony for the various award winners.
  • To develop and maintain an ISHOF/IMSHOF website to promote and provide up-to-date information via periodic newsletters and external links, to its membership and the world at large regarding the world of Marathon Swimming.