Half Century Club




There are a very special group of individuals – marathon swimmers over the age of 50 years – who have successfully swum across channels around the world: members of the Half Century Club.

Their grit and determination are admirable at any age. These aquatic adventurers are generally self-motivated individuals who are humble and quiet by nature, although there are exceptions.  They are pillars in their communities who thrive in the Fountain of Youth that oceans offer and prove that some things do get better with age.

The members of these exclusive clubs are listed in the Open Water Source:

Half Century Club – English Channel
Half Century Club – Catalina Channel
Half Century Club – Strait of Gibraltar
Half Century Club – Cook Strait
Half Century Club – Molokai Channel
Half Century Club – Rottnest Channel
Half Century Club – Manhattan Island

If you know of any individuals who are not listed or who join the club, please send information on the swimmer’s name, country, official time, date and location to Open Water Source via email (headcoach@openwatersource.com).

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