Anyone can nominate an individual or group in any category.

  • The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer
  • Contributors to the sport of Marathon Swimming as an Administrator, Official, Coach, Inspirational, Special Needs, Pilot, Water Safety, Organizer, Support Personnel, Clubs, Organizations, etc. etc.
  • The Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award –
    This award recognizes contributors to the administration of open water swimming to the world. Nominees should have made a major contribution at the international level to marathon swimming generally. Mere long term service by a nominee is not sufficient
  • The Poseidon Award-
    This award recognizes high level achievement from personal effort or initiative in a field of endeavor that contributes to the performance of marathon swimmers or to the development and status of marathon swimming to the world.

A completed IMSHOF nomination form is required and it must accompany a completed marathon swimming biography of the candidate. The biography should outline the nominee’s marathon swimming career highlighting the reasons why this person should be inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Criteria for Selection of Honourees

  1. Marathon Swimmers – Traditional Solo Marathon Swimmers competing in Straits, channels, rivers, lakes and oceans and Swimmers who regularly participate in world class marathon (10K, or longer in length) races. They should include, but not be limited to, Olympic Games, FINA World Championships, FINA Grand Prix and 10K Marathon Swim Cup Events. Primary consideration should be given to those swimmers winning or having medal performances. Swimmers should have a history of international race events however only swims completed in a costume complying with IMSHOF costume definition will be considered.
  2. Criteria for Selection: Marathon Swimming Definition – A swim of 10 Kilometres or more in length in an open body of water. The swim should be completed with no artificial aids of any kind. The swimmer can wear only goggles, 1 swim cap, and a single non-porous suit*, neither of which may be designed to retain body heat or aid in buoyancy. The swimmer can have no supporting contact with any person or object. Safety, environmental, cultural, religious, and local governing customs and laws must be observed. The swimmer should have a history of international marathon swimming achievements.
  3. NB: Costume definition one or two piece swim suit for females and swim briefs for men and shall be of a permeable material not offering thermal protection, buoyancy or protection from the elements and shall be sleeveless and legless: “Sleeveless”” shall mean the costume must not extend beyond the end of the shoulder onto the upper arm. “Legless” shall mean that the costume may not extend on to the upper leg below the level of the crotch.
  4. Contributors to the Sport of Marathon Swimming as a(n) administrator, official, coach, inspirational, special needs, pilot, water safety, organiser, support personnel, clubs, organisations. These are the dedicated personnel that assist in various functions to support and develop the sport of Marathon Swimming. Their contribution should be made over a period of years, and be truly outstanding.
  5. An ISHOF Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award recipient, if not already in the IMSHOF, will automatically be selected as an IMSHOF Honouree.
  6. Drug Test: IMSHOF Nominees who have failed a drug test by WADA or an authorized WADA body will not be considered for IMSHOF induction.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Complete a candidate nomination form.
  2. Complete a candidate swimming biography. The nominee’s biography should include the candidate’s marathon swimming history and clearly outline why the candidate should be inducted into the IMSHOF.
  3. Get the official nomination form here.

Deadlines, Voting, and Announcements

  1. Nominations close with the election Chairman on 30 September of each year’s ballot.
  2. Nominations received after that date will go into the following year’s ballot.
  3. Voting is conducted between October and November.
  4. Announcements will be released in the IMSHOF December Newsletter.

Voting Committee Members

Nick Adams – GBR/Europe
Tamara Bruce – AUS/Oceania
Penny Dean – USA/Americas
Yuko Matzusaki – JPN/Asia
David O’Brien – AUS/Oceania
Skip Storch – USA/Americas
Mike Read – GBR/Europe
Peter Bales- RSA/Africa
Sid Cassidy – USA/Americas
Marcella McDonald, DPM, USA/Americas
Tim Johnson – USA/Americas
Vojislav Mijic – SRB/Europe
Lynn Blouin – CAN/Americas
Melissa Cunningham – AUS/Oceania
Kathrin Lammers – UAE/Asia
Evan Morrison USA/Americas
Philip Rush – NZ/Oceania
Dan Simonelli – USA/Americas
Petar Stoychev – BUL/Europe
Richard Broer – NED/Europe
Sylvia Dalotto – ARG/Americas
Stephane Lecat – FRA/Europe
Kevin Murphy – GBR/Europe
Greg Streppel – CAN/Americas
Jacques Tuset – FR/Europe

Executive Committee Members

Chris Guesdon – AUS/Oceania
Beth Yudovin – USA/America
Ned Denison – IRL/Europe
Dale Petranech – USA/America