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What are the IMSHOF Recognition Award Categories?

  • Honor Swimmer
  • Contributor – Honor Administrator
  • Contributor – Honor Coach
  • Contributor – Honor Pilot
  • Contributor – Honor Organization

What are the ISHOF Recognition Awards selected by the IMSHOF Committee?

  • The Poseidon Award – High Achievement Individual
  • The Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award – Contributor to the Administration of Open Water Swimming

What is the definition of an IMSHOF Nominator?

This is the individual or organization that officially suggests a particular person or group be put forward as a candidate for induction into the International Marathon Hall of Fame, or to be recognized by the ISHOF as a  recipient of the Poseidon Award or The Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award. The official application form and supporting documentation are required before the closing date each year.

What is the definition of an IMSHOF Nominee?

An IMSHOF nominee is the individual or group put forward by the Nominator to the IMSHOF Voting Committee.

What is the definition of an IMSHOF Honoree?

A nominee (individual, group, or organization) selected and awarded the honor of being inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in the categories of honor swimmer, coach, pilot, and organization.

Does the Nominee ever know they are put forward as a candidate?

The IMSHOF Executive does not publish a list of potential candidates. Nominees to the IMSHOF for Honouree status are private and confidential

How are the results of the IMSHOF Voting Committee announced?

Individual or group:

          • IMSHOF formal notification by a telephone call to the honorees.
          • IMSHOF formal notification of congratulations by business correspondence

General Release:

          • IMSHOF website
          • ISHOF website
          • IMSHOF newsletter
          • ISHOF newsletter
          • IMSHOF Facebook community page

What is the purpose of the IMSHOF Annual Awards Ceremony?

This is the annual celebration and official induction ceremony for the new class of IMSHOF honorees (swimmer, coach, pilot, administrators, and organization), and the ISHOF presentation and award to recipients of The Poseidon Award and The Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award.

It is a time to enjoy, in person,  the company and friendship of like-minded enthusiasts, family, friends, and honorees. The IMSHOF Executive Committee travel from around the world to be the host of this great event.