The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honors Swimmers and Contributors (Administrators, Coaches, Organizations, and Pilots).









General Omar Sabry, Honor Swimmer, Egypt, 1965

William ‘Bill’ Sadlo, Jr., Honor Swimmer, USA, 2009

Johannes “Johan” Schans, Honor Swimmer, Netherlands, 1970

Jan Van Scheijndel, Honor Swimmer, Netherlands, 1985

Charlotte “Lottie” Schoemmell, Honor Swimmer, USA, 1967

Audrey Scott, Honor Administrator, Great Britain, 1983

Ray Scott, Honor Administrator, Great Britain, 1983

Mihir Sen, Honor Swimmer, India, 1966

Mervyn Sharp, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 2006

Tanarath Narayan Shenoy, Honor Swimmer, India, 1987

Brenda Sherratt, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 1970

John Sigmund, Honor Swimmer, USA, 1965

Charles “Red” Silva, Honor Coach, USA, 1978

Carol Sing, Honor Swimmer, USA, 2000

Marty Sinn, Honor Swimmer, USA, 1963

John Slater, Honor Administrator, Great Britain, 1980

Dr. David Smith, Honor Swimmer, USA, 1969

Joe Smith, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 2005

Trevor Smith, Honor Administrator, Great Britain, 1998

Vicko Soljan, Honor Administrator, Croatia, 2007

Igor De Sousa, Honor Administrator, Brazil, 2004

Tomi Stefanovski, Honor Swimmer, Macedonia, 2016

Dr. Chris Stockdale, MBE, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 1991

Skip Storch, Honor Swimmer, USA, 2008

Petar Stoychev, Honor Swimmer, Bulgaria, 2008

Alison Streeter, MBE, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 1985

Freda Streeter, MBE, Honor Coach, Great Britain, 2005

Martin Strel, Honor Swimmer, Slovenia, 2015

Greg Streppel, Honor Swimmer, Canada, 1996

Henry Sullivan, Honor Swimmer, USA, 1968

Imre Szenasi, Honor Swimmer, Hungary, 1973




The IMSHOF used the last name and one country under which the individual achieved most of their success in the sport of marathon swimming prior to their induction.  Maritime (Captain) and military (General) rank plus academic (Dr./PhD) and British honours are included as appropriate.  Please contact us with omissions/corrections.