Anyone can nominate an individual or group in any category.

  • The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer
  • Contributors to the sport of Marathon Swimming as an Administrator, Official, Coach, Inspirational, Special Needs, Pilot, Water Safety, Organizer, Support Personnel, Clubs, Organizations, etc. etc.
  • The Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award –
    This award recognizes contributors to the administration of open water swimming to the world. Nominees should have made a major contribution at the international level to marathon swimming generally. Mere long term service by a nominee is not sufficient
  • The Poseidon Award-
    This award recognizes high level achievement from personal effort or initiative in a field of endeavor that contributes to the performance of marathon swimmers or to the development and status of marathon swimming to the world.

A completed IMSHOF nomination form is required and it must accompany a completed marathon swimming biography of the candidate. The biography should outline the nominee’s marathon swimming career highlighting the reasons why this person should be inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Criteria for Selection of Honorees

Marathon Swimmers – Traditional Solo Marathon Swimmers competing in Straits, channels, rivers, lakes and oceans and Swimmers who regularly participate in world class marathon (10K, or longer in length) races. They should include, but not be limited to, Olympic Games, FINA World Championships, FINA Grand Prix and 10K Marathon Swim Cup Events. Primary consideration should be given to those swimmers winning or having medal performances. Swimmers should have a history of international race events however only swims completed in a costume complying with IMSHOF costume definition will be considered.

IMSHOF Swimwear and Aids Criteria:

To be considered for elevation to Honoree in the IMSHOF, the nominee must have complied with the swimwear rules of the body in control of each event listed in the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

  1. In organised competition conducted under the auspices of a recognized international or national body, the nominee must comply with both the relevant swimwear requirements and other performance regulations as required under that body’s rules;
  2. For solo swims conducted under the auspices of the body governing that event, the nominee must comply with both the relevant swimwear requirements and other performance regulations as required under that body’s rules;
  3. For other swims performed outside of known organisations, private, professional or cause-related, nominees must provide evidence of the swim through creditable observers with clear details of costume or any other practices out of the norm of traditional open solo swims.

Contributors to the Sport of Marathon Swimming as a(n) administrator, official, coach, inspirational, pilot, water safety, organizer, support personnel, clubs, organisations. These are the dedicated personnel that assist in various functions to support and develop the sport of Marathon Swimming. Their contribution should be made over a period of years, and be truly outstanding.

An ISHOF Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award recipient, if not already in the IMSHOF, will automatically be selected as an IMSHOF Honoree.

Drug Test Failure (adverse analytical findings, atypical finding and other assorted anti-doping rule violations) by WADA or an authorized WADA body in any aquatics sport prevents a nominee from being selected and results in the removal of an honoree from the IMSHOF.   This does not apply if the finding is overturned on appeal (reduction or removal of any punishment on appeal is not considered if the finding is not overturned).  This can be a current test or a future test on an old sample.

Conviction of Sexual Assault on a Child (and all appeals exhausted) by a local court prevents a nominee from being selected and results in the removal of an honoree from the IMSHOF.   

Unfortunately, the two specifics above may not be exhaustive in the future.  The IMSHOF deplores any ethical violations that seriously diminish the reputation of the IMSHOF and the sport of open water swimming.  Even a charge or suspicion of such an ethical violation may cause a nomination or announcement to be withdrawn.  For inductees, IMSHOF will wait for a determination by the courts (and appeals exhausted) before removal is considered.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Complete a candidate nomination form.
  2. Complete a candidate swimming biography. The nominee’s biography should include the candidate’s marathon swimming history and clearly outline why the candidate should be inducted into the IMSHOF.
  3. Get the official nomination form here.

Deadlines, Selection, and Announcement



  1. Nominations close 12pm EST – 31 August 2018.
  2. Nominations received after that date will go into the following year’s ballot.
  3. Ballot sent to IMSHOF Selectors:   8th September 2018.
  4. Voting closes 12pm EST 23rd September 2018.
  5. Announcements will be made in October though press releases and via the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Facebook page and documented on IMSHOF.ORG and the end of year Newsletter.

IMSHOF Selection Panel is comprised of the below individuals and all members of the Executive Committee

Nick Adams – GBR
Tamara Bruce – AUS
Penny Dean – USA
Yuko Matsuzaki – JPN
David O’Brien – AUS
Poliana Okimoto – BRA
Valerio Valli – ITA
Forrest Nelson – USA
David Barra – USA
Jaimie Monahan – USA
Rohan Dattatrey More – IND
Anna-Carin Nordin – SWE
Michael P. Read, MBE – GBR
Peter Bales- RSA
Sid Cassidy – USA
Elizabeth Fry – USA
Marcella MacDonald, DPM, USA
Captain Tim Johnson – USA
Vojislav Mijić – SRB
Ricardo Ratto – BRA
Dr. Jane Katz – USA
Valerie Parsons – GBR
Martina Grimaldi – ITA
Pilar Geijo – ARG
Lynn Blouin – CAN
Sally Minty-Gravett, MBE – GBR

Evan Morrison – USA
Philip Rush – NZ
Dan Simonelli – USA
Ben Barham – GBR
Penny Palfrey – AUS
Carol Sing – USA
Mohamed Ahmed Marouf – EGY
Steven Muñatones – USA
Kathrin Lammers – GER
Petar Stoychev – BUL
Silvia Dalotto – ARG
Stéphane Lecat – FRA
Kevin Murphy – GBR
Greg Streppel – CAN
Peter Van Vooren – BEL
Jacques Tuset – FRA
Attila Mányoki – HUN
John York – USA
Christopher Guesdon – AUS
Dennis Miller – FJI
Dr. Osama Ahmed Momtaz – EGY

IMSHOF Executive Committee

Melissa Roberts (nee Cunningham) – AUS
Beth Yudovin – USA
Dale Petranech (Emeritas) – USA
Ned Denison – IRL
Richard Broer – NED